Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tinkerbell Cake, attempting to use the Cricut Cake Machine

Well, I don't think I've ever been so frustrated in all my life!  I bought the Cricut Cake Mini on Black Friday at Jo-Ann's for $99 and offered to bake a birthday cake for my neighbor's 3 year old granddaughter's birthday party.  It was very easy making the marshmallow fondant, but the hard part was getting the right consistency so that it would cut with the machine.  I designed everything I wanted on to go on the cake but I think maybe my border and some of the design elements were too intricate for the machine.  I also don't think it helped that I baked a double layer 9" x 13" rectangle cake for my first fondant cake - it was very hard to get the fondant to fit the size of the cake; the fondant needed to be at least 17" x 21" to cover the cake!  I can't help but wonder if it would have been easier to start with a round cake?!?!?!  That wasn't the only frustrating part though.

It took me four tries before I decided my fondant wasn't working, so I scrapped the fondant as I thought it might have been worked just a little too much and made a new batch.  I did see improvements with all the practice and then it finally took me 3 more times before I was able to cover the cake.  Whew!   I finally gave up on using the machine for the details that I designed.   I even tried buying Wilton's gum paste, which did work a little better with my machine but I couldn't stand the smell of that stuff so I threw it out!  It's down-right nasty smelling!  There is no way I would eat a cake that smelt that bad, so I couldn't possibly put it on a cake for someone else!

Finally, I gave up using the Cake Machine AND using fondant, and then added my design elements (albeit not as fancy) by decorating the cake the "old-fashioned" way - using royal icing!

Overall, I was happy with the end result of the Tinkerbell cake, but very frustrated with my machine.  It will be awhile before I tackle using it again.  :(

There were numerous youtube videos I watched with people using the Cake Machine and the making of marshmallow fondant, but it didn't seem to help me!  If anyone has any helpful hints, PLEASE let me know!  I love the concept of the Cake Machine but have not been lucky enough to have it work for me.

Below are a two pictures of the cake - (isn't the Tinkerbell candle adorable??)

Thanks for looking.  Have an awesome day.
Toodles,  Jude


Staying Crafty said...

The cake is darling! I'm sorry you were so frustrated. I just got a Cake machine too and haven't tried it yet. I do think that super intricate things probably aren't the best. Maybe you can do a small round cake with polka dots to start! You know, a simple shape you could get a feel for. Sometimes it's best to do some trial runs when it's nothing special you HAVE to get done and you just have time to play. Good luck!

Abby said...

Hi Jude! I have a Cricut Cake and I LOVE IT!!! I really wish more people feel the same way. My tips: Use either Wilton's fondant or the Duff's fondant they both work awesome! Also, if you want good cuts roll your fondant, place it on your mat and put in the FREEZER! at least 20 minutes!!! you will see the difference!!! I have a cake blog: i have done many cakes and have had good luck with them! :) don't get frustrated!! If you wanna chat email me and I will send you my phone number!

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